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Brand Personality – The Big Difference

Identical twins, identical personalities? Impossible. Each has a personality that makes them unique as individuals.

No one on earth has exactly the same personality.

Two glasses of carbonated sugar water sitting next to each other. Identical?

No, because each has been given a unique personality by its maker.

One is family-friendly and wants to bring the world together in love (Coca Cola), and the other wants to be the choice of the ‘new generation’ (Pepsi Cola).

Your brand’s personality is what will make it completely distinct from every competitor in its category.

What is brand personality?

It’s the combination of characteristics and qualities that bring your brand to life – as if it were a person.

These characteristics will make your brand unique as an individual.

Is your brand bold and assertive? Bright and creative? Innovative but sympathetic? Practical and systematic?

Here are some examples of human characteristics that can be assigned to brands:

  • Sincere – honest, wholesome, down-to-earth, cheerful, endearing, accessible.
  • Exciting – daring, spirited, imaginative, cutting-edge, funky, forward-thinking.
  • Competent – reliable, intelligent, successful, responsible, efficient, reliable, dependable.
  • Sophisticated – suited to a certain class or taste, does the right things, lives in the right places, exclusive, not meant for everyone.
  • Rugged – outdoors, tough, sustainable, risk-taking, ‘the few’, leaders, adventurous.

When developing a personality you want 3 or 4 distinctive features that accurately describe your brand’s true meaning to your target audience. This is because we notice and remember only the most outstanding characteristics.

Averageness is quickly forgotten.

Your brand should be given a personality that speaks directly to your target audience – but isn’t the same as them. It should behave in a way that they find attractive because it will deliver on the promise they are looking for.

Brand Personality is The Big Difference.

A brand’s personality lives as an idea and an experience in the mind and memory of your customer.

Whether it’s good or bad depends on IF the products or services that are the delivery vehicles for what your brand promises, actually deliver.

Branding guru, Simon Middleton reminds us that what we’re always looking for in branding “is a beautiful combination of distinctiveness, authenticity and compelling story.”

Distinctiveness is achieved through the unique personality you create for your brand. This is what makes it different, and successful brands are built through differentiation not imitation.

And though successful branding is in the art of differentiation, which is helped by design, colour, and other marks, the actual brand is in your promise and positioning.

These elements are what have to be translated from an idea/concept/strategy, into a personality.

People can be aware of your brand intellectually – through ads and other media, for instance – and still not understand it or know what it represents.

Meaningful connection is only achieved when the emotions become involved. And customers don’t connect emotionally with products, they connect with personalities.

Your personality is YOURS. It can be described, categorised and generalised, but it can’t be duplicated. Even if others try to copy you, it’s your point of distinction.

So it is with your brand. It must have a personality that ultimately makes it stand out as an individual in the overpopulated world of brands.

 About the Author: Robin Kirkley helps business owners and companies create remarkable content for their brands so they enjoy a profitable return on their marketing spend.

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