Robin’s Story


Howdy. Actually, being from Trinidad I should say “How yuh goin’?”

I was born and raised in that beautiful Caribbean island. My copywriting journey began when I was plucked out of a comfy job writing television scripts and jingles for ads, and thrown to the…clients…in a big agency with a creative director who liked to say “No.” So I had to sweat my creative juices off to get a “Yes.” But he was always right!

In the 30 years since then, I’ve written, produced and (more recently) filmed for clients small and large, serving both B2C and B2B. I guess I’ve become that creative director because nothing goes out the door unless it’s going to sell for my client.

I always knew there was a special ‘something’ that had to go in to a piece of content that would make it work for a client – and if it was missing it didn’t matter how much money you threw at it, the thing just wouldn’t spark off.

But it wasn’t until I studied under the Master of Story, Robert McKee, that I first heard that ‘something’ put into words when he said, “You have to Write the Truth.” That, I realised, is how I always got my “Yes.” It doesn’t matter if it’s an ad, a jingle, an Ebook, a website, a blog, a White Paper, a video script, a brand story, a presentation, a brochure, an invitation…whatever – it MUST come from a ‘place of truth’ to connect with another human being.

Once a piece comes from ‘that place’, I then apply the relevant craft, stir in a little magic, and voila…I have a “Yes.” If it sounds easy, it’s not.

It’s the only thing I really excel at, though. I’m terrible at DIY because nothing ends up straight, and I always get cut or superglue my fingers together; I’m ok at golf; I’m very good socially, but I tend to drift off mid-conversation because I’m always writing in my head; and I have a hate/love relationship with the gym.

But bring me your tired, your flawed, your huddled mass of words, and I’ll transform them into content that seduces the customers you seek to engage.

Better still, show me a product, a service, a brand without a voice and I’ll write from ‘that place’ to produce the content that will gain attention, create interest, spark desire, and cause action.